25 April 2016

Here's what we're thinking for June/July 2016:

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05 November 2014

Using what we've got

I'm now two days back from my trip to India and was really feeling the tiredness at work today. I had a difficult time processing some of the easiest questions, so instead just cleared through the 300+ emails in my inbox, answered a few, declined and accepted a few invites, and took a few walks with co-workers.

I'm usually conscious about what I spend, but after coming back from India I have taken a bright yellow highlighter to this aspect of my life.  I spent around $22 at the grocery store yesterday buying apples, pears, bananas, kale, OJ, onions, and veg butter spread.  I spent about $5.50 buying lunch today at work.  And tonight I made a tasty dinner using whatever I had in the cabinet/fridge plus the kale from yesterday.

Here's what I made (and thoroughly enjoyed!):
- Heated up tomato soup that I threw together before India - was made with tomato juice and almond milk, pretty simple! (The past two days I've been eating homemade French onion soup - easily made with broth and onions I sauteed in butter before India and then threw in the freezer. The tomato soup was also stored in the freezer while I was away.)
- Sauteed garlic, kale, and artichoke hearts served over a cous cous/quinoa mix (each cooked separately: cous cous cooked as directed with butter and salt & quinoa cooked with nutritional yeast and lots of cracked black pepper instead of broth). YUM!
- Glass of OJ
- Mug of tropical green tea
- And a jar of green lentils are on the counter soaking in water so I can cook them up on Friday! (Tomorrow night is Michael's welcome dinner after work; he's the new guy on the team.)

Happy birthday today to momma dearest and godmomma AC! Now that my belly is full and the laundry is *almost* put away, the sleepies are setting in...soon to bed. Sweet dreams world. xo.

20 March 2014

Stage 1 - Anger

The stages of grief include the following:
1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

With round 2, I have briefly visited Denial, but I am at the Anger and Depression phases.  I skipped Bargaining - it doesn't exist this time.

My anger = I want to throw a glass against a wall.  Or plates.  Are any of my Greek friends getting married soon?

My depression = Breaking down in the bathroom at work after realizing what's going on.  Last night's stronghold has already worn off and I'm walking into Acceptance's front door.  Let's get a plan of action and tackle this beast.